[1NA] Chapter 1: The Scientific Endeavour

Common Physical Quantities

  • length
  • diameter/radius
  • cross-sectional area
  • mass
  • volume

Scientific Method

Scientific method is derived from systematic observation, experimentation and analysis and partly from human imagination and creativity. Suggested of Scientific Method:

  1. Observing
    • You notice or observe certain phenomenon or occurence
  2. Questioning
    • Based on what you observed, you might have questions that you want an answer to. That’s when you decide to formulate a hypothesis and perform an experiment to find out more.
  3. Formulating a hypothesis
    • A smart guess of the trend based on your observation.
  4. Experimenting
    • You carry out the experiment to collect data by identifying independent variable, dependent variable and controlled variables.
  5. Concluding
    • This is where you either accept or reject the hypothesis based on the data collected from the experimenting stage.