All the simulations that you see here are not created by me.
A big thank you to those people who share these wonderful resources for the future generation!

Topic: Measurement

Vernier Calipers (Link 1, Link 2)

Micrometer Screw Gauge (Link 1)

Topic: Kinematics

The Moving Man

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Topic: Dynamics (study of the forces that produce movement)

Topic: Mass, Weight and Density

Topic: Turning Effect of Forces

Topic: Pressure

Fluid Pressure and Flow

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Under Pressure

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Topic: Energy, Work and Power


Topic: Transfer of Heat and Thermal Properties of Matter


Topic: General Wave Properties

Go to this link to view the simulation of the ripple:

Topic: Light


Topic: Electromagnetic Spectrum

Topic: Static Electricity

Topic: Current of Electricity

Topic: DC circuits

Topic: Electromagnetic Induction

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